Lithops Scrapbook

Keith's first Lithops Scrapbook (the original notes) are available as a PDF file (4Mb) here. Alternatively a "book format" with additional photographs may be viewed by clicking below.

An edited version of these notes was published over three issues by the BRITISH CACTUS AND SUCCULENT SOCIETY in their journal CACTUS WORLD, in December 2007, March 2008 and June 2008.

NB. Two corrections are highlighted in Lithops Scrapbook II. Specifically, *'Firebrandt' became a synonym of 'Rudesheim Ruby' and *'Green River' became a synonym of 'Gariep Juweel'. It should also be noted the up to date classification list is now held in Lithops Scrapbook III.

Presented here in 'book' format, you can navigate using tabs, by turning pages or by going directly to pages and sections using the pop-up menu on the right of the screen.

Click here to open the book.