Propose A New Lithops cultivar

An International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) exists to harmonise cultivar names and ensure as far as possible, conformity of standards and names within a given group of plants. The Lithops ICRA began in August 2013 as an assembled checklist compiled from already excepted cultivars within the genus. From that date it is requested that any new proposed Lithops cultivar be presented for registration to the appointed registrar (currently myself Keith Green, via this web-site). Of course you are still welcome to publish in any journal you wish, but you now have the option of requesting I do this on your behalf, with full originator acknowledgement of course.

Prior to submitting your proposed new cultivar, please ensure you can at least meet requirements 1 & 2 below.

  1. You have a reproducible group of Lithops that maintains a distinctive feature or features.
  2. You have a name in mind that conforms to the rules of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (the Cultivated Plant Code or as in my "Scrapbook" notes the cultivar code) that does not already exist on the register. Any language can be used for a cultivar name, but please be aware that Latin can only be accepted in very specific circumstances and is usually best avoided.
  3. You can provide (if at all possible) a photograph or two that I could use to update my Lithops SCRAPBOOK II project, (where full credits will be given as appropriate).

If you can fulfil the above then please read on, remembering that you are welcome to discuss your proposal with me by using the "Contact Us" page on the right prior to continuing.

  • To validly publish a new Lithops cultivar, your application must be correctly and fully completed. Failure to do so is likely to cause issues, and may result in your application being rejected.
  • Photographs of any proposed new Lithops cultivar should be a maximum size of 2Mb (two megabytes) for any one photo and no more than 6Mb (six megabytes) in total. Photographs can be in the image formats of .jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .bmp only. You are also welcome to attach a further "Word" file (.doc) with the application, if you feel something has not been covered. No other formats are permitted.
  • Completing and submitting the proposed new Lithops cultivar registration form that follows does not necessarily mean that any proposed new Lithops cultivar will be accepted.
  • Any proposed new Lithops cultivar must be published correctly in hard format (such as a journal) to be accepted.
  • I request that you allow any material submitted here to be used in my Lithops Scrapbook project and made available on this website. Unless you state otherwise, I will assume kind permission has been granted.
  • Acknowledgement will be given to you in publishing this material on if you are the owner or grower of the proposed new Lithops cultivar and/or owner of any photographic material.
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding the rejection of any proposed new Lithops cultivar, although you will be informed of the reason(s) that the proposed new Lithops cultivar was rejected.

Please check the box to indicate that you have read and accepted the above points regarding the registration of a proposed new Lithops cultivar.